Stay Strong

Voted Best Kettlebell Workout by The Washington Post and CBS DC

F3's mission is to provide effective and safe workouts by integrating kettlebell and body weight exercises in a small group training environment. F3 offers a progression program for new clients to advance their kettlebell practice from beginner fundamentals through master classes for advanced students.

Why train kettlebells with F3?

Kettlebells have been used as a strength and conditioning tool for centuries. Kettlebell and functional training utilizes muscle groups throughout the entire body. Lifts that focus on strengthening each areas of the body are incorporated into the daily workouts at F3.  

Efficient, full-body strengthening & cardio  

By combining high-intensity interval training with the functional movement of kettlebells, F3's workouts outperform traditional cardio while attaining the strength conditioning benefits of weight lifting.

Ease of learning, safety, and proper form.

F3 provides its clients with the essential safety practices and fundamentals needed to maximize efficiency through both strength conditioning and cardiovascular exercise.

Ready to kick those unwanted pounds to the curb and get a six-pack?

Individual Training

Custom programs, One-on-one with our coaches.

Small Group Training

Daily, high intensity functional training. 


WeiGht loss programs

Personalized and customized weight loss programs