+ What do I have to bear in mind before starting my first class?

To participate in our classes, you must book your place in advance. We recommend that you arrive 10 minutes before the start of the class so that we can clarify any issues prior to starting. Other than that, you just have to want to be here and be excited about your F3 workout.

+ Which class should I attend?

We offer both Warrior and Master training in all of our classes so feel free to book any class you want .

+ How many classes should I attend per week?

In general, you are free to exercise as often as you like so long as it is enjoyable. Nevertheless, periods of rest for your body are definitely beneficial and training 3-4 times a week could already show very good results and significantly increase in your basic fitness.

+ How do I book my class?

You should book your class in advance using our online booking portal MindBody. Here you can find our current class schedule and check for availability. Now you just have to create your personal profile and off you go! By the way, Mindbody also has an app “Mindbody Connect”, which you can use to sign up for classes when you’re on the go.

+ How does the waiting list work?

If the class you want is already fully booked, you can add your name to our waiting list. Once a place becomes free, you will be automatically moved up the waiting list until a place can be assigned to you and then you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. If nobody leaves the class you want, we will naturally not debit your account for these sessions.

+ How should I prepare for class?

You need to wear some kind of sports gear you can comfortably work out in. If you don't have flat athletic shoes, please purchase some. Our recommendation are the old school Chuck Taylor's or Converse. They will assist you with grounding. Hydration is key, so you will want to consume water throughout the day and bring a water bottle to class. Eat something within 4 hours of class. You don't want something big, but an empty stomach with no fuel burning carbs is a no no.

+ How do I get to the studio and where can I park?

The studio is located at 2505 Wisconsin Ave, NW Washington DC 20007 on the G1 level of The Glover Park Hotel. There is complimentary street and underground hotel parking. There are many bus stops around and Circulator and Capitol Bike Share are located nearby.

+ Can I attend classes even if I am feeling under the weather?

At F3, we take your health very seriously and generally recommend that you only attend classes when you don’t have any illnesses. Acute or chronic pain and health problems should be discussed in advance with a doctor and you must inform our instructors before you start your session. We can then make the necessary modifications to your exercise routine so that you get the right kind of workout for you. Whether you continue your workouts during pregnancy is entirely up to you. However, we not recommend that you start these exercises whilst you are pregnant if you have never done them before. Under no circumstances should you do the workouts if you have a fever!


Getting Started

+ How can I be in the Master Trainer Program?

We assume that you know how to perform all three variations of the Kettlebell Swings, the Clean and the High Pull.

  • Create an account on F3 Training and Bodywork Mindbody
  • Sign up for a Membership.
  • Book your first kettlebell training session.

If you're not ready to join, then you can purchase our 5 pack New Client Special

+ How can I be in the Path of the Warrior Program?

If you're new to kettlebells you can do all of the above. If you need help getting started, then contact us!