Intimidated by Kettlebells?

F3 Training & Bodywork specializes in proper kettlebell form and personalized instruction often neglected in larger group classes and broader training programs. We set our clients up for success by focusing on the individual, reducing risk of injury, and identifying your strengths. We also take into account specific goals clients have and tailor workouts to the individual using different kettlebell styles.

INITIAL consultation

The first action is to meet you, discover - or help you create - some goals and expectations, and define what your expectations are. We'll also conduct a beginner functional assessment


Once we have this information, we'll design a broad program overview taking into account factors like your goals, schedule, exercise knowledge, and commitment.


Now that we have a program overview, we'll start training you on the program. This is where we get feedback on your performance. Periodically, we will repeat your evaluation and update your program